Scorching Simmered Fruit

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Scorching Simmered Fruit





Scorching: temporarily increases attack in hot places



"Grants a low-level attack enhancement in hot places. This sweet dish is made by heaping tasty fruits into a pan and simmering until tender."

— In-Game Description

Scorching Simmered Fruit is a Meal in Tears of the Kingdom and a variant of the Simmered Fruit. It can be cooked over a Cooking Pot and requires specific ingredients to make.

Cooking one or more Fire Fruit will create Scorching Simmered Fruit. The meal will give Link a temporary attack boost in hot places.

A basic meal of an Apple and a Fire Fruit will restore 1 ½ hearts and give Link a Hot Weather Attack for one minute and 30 seconds.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Icons Quantity
Fire Fruit - TotK icon.png

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