Satoru Takizawa

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Satoru Takizawa



Nagano, Japan


Character Designer
Enemy Designer
Design Manager
Game Designer
Design Support
Art Director
Graphic Supervisor
Classic Game Supervisor

Satoru Takizawa is a graphic designer at Nintendo. He started working at the company in the mid 90's where he first worked on Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. His first Zelda project was Ocarina of Time where he served as a Character Designer. Takizawa has since worked in some fashion on every home console Legend of Zelda title since, up through Breath of the Wild. Takizawa has also been on the development team for Navi Trackers, Link's Crossbow Training, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Ocarina of Time 3D.

Release Game Credit(s)
1998 Ocarina of Time Character Design
2000 Majora's Mask Enemy Design
2002 The Wind Waker Design Manager
2004 Navi Trackers Design Director
2006 Twilight Princess Art Director
2011 Ocarina of Time 3D Graphics Supervisor
2011 Skyward Sword Design Support
2013 The Wind Waker HD HD Refining Art Director
2016 Twilight Princess HD Art Director
2015 Majora's Mask 3D Special Thanks
2015 Tri Force Heroes Design Adviser
2017 Breath of the Wild Art Director
2018 Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Special Thanks
2019 Link's Awakening (Switch) Art Director