Sarjon Bridge

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Sarjon Bridge

Sarjon Bridge is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Sarjon Bridge serves as a diving point between the area covered by the Lake Tower and Faron Tower. It corrses over the Floria River, right beside the Sarjon Woods. On each side of the bridge, there are small waterfalls from the Floria River as the water is flowing from east to the west.

Just east of the bridge, there are a pair of wooden treasure chests, one above and one below the waterfall and they contain an Amber gem and five Fire Arrows. There are two Korok Seeds in the area, the first is a series of flowers that Link needs to collect. The path begins just northwest of the bridge and crosses over the Floria River. A second Korok is found on top of the palm tree just southeast of the bridge, where Link must pop a balloon to get the Korok to appear.

There are some Hyrule Bass swimming around, directly beneath the Sarjon Bridge.


Nearby Korok Seeds

Follow the yellow flower trail that starts just on the opposite side of the bridge.

Follow the flower trail that starts northwest of the bridge.

Shoot the balloon hidden in the top of the palm tree. It is easiest to spot if you climb up the ledge to the east.

Shoot the hidden balloon at the top of the large palm tree.