Rimba Beach

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Rimba Beach is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Rimba Beach is located just southeast of Lurelin Village. It can be found south of the Gogobi Shores, and right on the other side of the water as the Korne Beach. The palm trees in the area often have beetles attached to them and Link can find a Bladed Rhino Beetle, a Rugged Rhino Beetle, along with a handful of Energetic Rhino Beetles. There are also some wild horses roaming around in the region.

On the beach there is a treasure buried underground, but be careful of the enemy Treasure Octoroks that are also nearby. The treasure chest here contains a Red Rupee. Two more treasure chests can be found in the nearby rocks to the south, containing five Ice Arrows and a Knight's Shield. Two more treasure chests are found near the rocks further off the shore, and they contain five more ice arrows and a Purple Rupee.

Sunken Treasure

Main article: Sunken Treasure

After speaking with Rozel and asking him about the ocean, this will begin the Sunken Treasure side quest. Rozel talks about the golden triangle, which are the three rocks found in the distance, southwest of the Korne Beach. Link can use a raft or ice blocks with Cryonis to reach the triangles. In the center, there are four treasure chests found underwater, containing two Topaz, a Sapphire, and a Thunderblade. After pulling up the treasure chests, Link can return and speak with Rozel to complete the quest.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Jump into the circle of seaweed/plants.

Dive into the circle.