Powder Keg

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Powder Keg
Powder Keg.png




Majora's Mask
100 Rupees
Majora's Mask 3D
20 Rupees


Destroy giant boulders and cracked ceilings

The Powder Keg is an item from Majora's Mask. It is a barrel filled with powder and a famous product among the Gorons. They are cared by Medigoron, the owner of the Goron Powder Keg Shop in the Goron Village. They can be purchased for 100 Rupees, or 20 Rupees in the 3DS version.

They can only be used while wearing the Goron Mask. Their uses are to explode giant boulders that appear rarely. One of such is blocking the entrance to Romani Ranch, another blocking light from going through the ceiling of the Ancient Castle of Ikana (not actually a boulder, just a cracked ceiling), the other one being in Snowhead, blocking the path into the Goron Racetrack. Link can only carry one Powder Keg at a time. It has a long fuse and can only be used once Link has passed Medigoron's test.