Pirate Stronghold

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Pirate Stronghold
An Overview of the Pirate Stronghold




The Pirate Stronghold is a mini-dungeon found in the Lanayru Sand Sea in Skyward Sword. Link visits it while searching for clues that will help him find the Sandship. After the Shipyard has been explored and found to contain no more than a Moldarach, Skipper suggests heading to the Pirate Stronghold itself. Completing the Pirate Stronghold will allow Link to be able to dowse for the invisible Sandship.

Goal and Layout

This mini-dungeon-type location is very unique. It does not have any actual item rewards, nor does it have a Mini-Boss. A device is seen in the first room, resembling the type used to support Timeshift Stones, but currently empty. As Link moves through the corridors, he will come upon a Timeshift Orb sitting on a pedestal similar to the one near the entrance. Fi will explain to Link there is a high possible he is able to carry it. Once Link takes it though, he cannot go back because of an electric barrier, which is activated by the Timeshift Orb, so he will have to go another way. The Timeshift Orb allows him to cross previously uncrossable areas, like quicksand areas. A Beamos, as well as a lot of Technoblins and Deku Babas will have to be fought, while the concept of moving the zone where time is shifted is used in several ingenious puzzles. Upon arrival to the starting room, Link will be able to place the Orb into the pedestal, which will cause the shark-like structure to open its "mouth". This will reveal some broken fragments of masts. Fi tells you there's a high chance that these are from the Sandship, and sets the latter as a dowsing target. The ability to dowse the Sandship is the only consequence of completing the Pirate Stronghold. However, it is a necessary to complete the game.