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Pirate Secret


Complete Wing Dungeon

Learned from


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Bomb Capacity Upgrade

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The Pirate Secret is a Secret from Oracle of Ages used within Oracle of Seasons. Link will first need to complete Oracle of Seasons and start a Linked Game record of Oracle of Ages.

Learn the Secret

After Link has acquired Roc's Feather and completed Wing Dungeon, a young girl will appear at the South Shore, located just south of the Black Tower. From the Mermaid statue in the center of Lynna Village, head down a screen, across the bridge, down two screens and left a screen. Jump over the gap to speak with the Young Girl. She mentions that she has forgotten to tell her lucky secret to the guy who has traveled to Holodrum. She will ask Link if he'd be willing to help her out.[1] She will then tell Link a secret.

Tell the Secret

In Oracle of Seasons, Link can head to the House of Pirates, located in Subrosia. The easiest way to reach the house is by using the portal located at the south end of Horon Village. Link will find the Unlucky Sailor on the second floor of the building and Link can tell him the secret.[2][3] The Sailor won't quite give Link the reward yet. First, he asks Link to come back when he has exactly 777 Ore Chunks.[4].

Collecting 777 Ore Chunks will take some time. It is highly recommended that you get the Green Joy Ring or Gold Joy Ring before doing this, to save time. With either ring equipped, it will double the value of each Ore Chunk that Link acquires. It is time consuming, but the best bet is to just walk around with the Shovel in Subrosia, just repeatedly digging up spots. If Link ends up getting more than 777, he can go and spend some at the Market. Once Link has exactly 777 Ore Chunks, he can return to the Unlucky Sailor to get his reward.[5]


Link will get a Bomb capacity upgrade. This will increase the capacity of Bombs that Link can hold from 10 bombs to 30 bombs. If Link has already gotten the first bomb upgrade, this secret will increase the capacity from 30 bombs to 50 bombs. The Unlucky Sailor will then give Link a password to take back to Labrynna.[6]

Return to Farore within the Maku Tree and tell her the secret. This will increase Link's bomb capacity in Oracle of Ages.



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