Outset Island

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Outset Island is an island in the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. It is home to Link, Aryll, Link's Grandmother and various other residents.


Link's quest begins on Outset Island and it is where Link gets his first sword, loses his sister, and leaves his grandmother to set off on his journey to find Aryll. Later in the game, Link must return to Outset Island to retrieve a Triforce Chart from the Savage Labyrinth, where a Piece of Heart is also located. Link's grandmother becomes sick, but after Link brings her a fairy she becomes well again and decides to make Link her special Elixir Soup.

From then on, Link can go back at any time to fill his bottle up with some of the soup, which replenishes all of his hearts, fills up his Magic Meter, and temporarily boosts his attack power until he gets hurt. Also, on the island are three wild pigs which Link can give to Rose, the mother of the two little boys, as presents. When Link returns in the game, however, it is implied that their family ate all of the pigs except for one, which grew five times its size and is named after Link. Outset Island is one of the few islands large enough to house people.

Fishman and Tingle Tuner