Oracle of Seasons and Ages Password Generator

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In Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, after Link completes one of his quests, he can partake in a Linked Game or a Second Quest, of the other adventure with some slightly altered content. Additionally, after Link completes both quests, Link can learn the Hero's Secret to play through the games yet again and uncover even more content.

When Link goes to create a Linked Game, he must put a Password. Fortunately, these Passwords can be randomly generated. This Password Generator program allows Link to choose which game he is playing, what is characters name is, which animal companion he has, what the name of Bipin and Blossom's Son is, as well as what attributes he has.

Link can also use the Ring Secret to acquire whichever Rings that he wants. Additional, the Password Generator has the Item Secrets generator, allowing Link to complete some of the Linked Game content, without having to have played the prior game.

Download Password Generator

  1. Download Password Generator
  2. Run the .exe file that downloads.
  3. Choose the settings you'd like to have.
  4. Click Make Secrets to get the codes that you can then input into your game.