Oracle of Ages Midis

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Below is a full listing of Midi songs for Oracle of Ages for the Game Boy Color. The files can be individually downloaded from the table below, or the complete midi pack is available here: Download Complete Midi Pack (31KB)

Track Title Duration Download
Ambi 0:57 Download
Ancient Tomb 1:37 Download
Boss 1:38 Download
Crescent Island 1:36 Download
Crown Dungeon 2:26 Download
Jabu Jabu's Belly 1:38 Download
Lynna 1:19 Download
Maku Path 1:06 Download
Maple Theme 1:37 Download
Mermaid Cave 1:58 Download
Moonlit Grotto 3:09 Download
Overworld 2:10 Download
Ralph Theme 0:52 Download
Skull Dungeon 2:26 Download
Spirits Cave 1:15 Download
Tomb 1:26 Download
Wing Dungeon 0:41 Download
Zora Village 1:41 Download