Old Koume's Boat Cruise

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Old Koume's Boat Cruise
Swamp Tour.jpg
Link riding a boat in the tour.





10 Rupees


Ride to Deku Palace

Old Koume's Boat Cruise is the Boat Cruise run by Koume in Majora's Mask. It is the only pathway to the Deku Palace when the Southern Swamp is poisoned.


When Link first arrives in the Southern Swamp, it is poisoned, keeping Link from reaching the Woodfall Temple. Link learns from Kotake that Koume, the owner of the tour, has gone missing. Link enters the Woods of Mystery and saves Koume. She later allows Link to ride the tour for free. After Link has completed the Woodfall Temple and cleaned up the poison, Koume replaces her Boat Cruise with her Target Shooting.