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Main article: Hylian

The Hylians are a humanoid race distinguished by their large, pointed ears, including Link and Zelda.

"They say we Hylians have big ears in order to hear the voices of the gods...but I've never heard them!"

— An unknown person at the Hyrule Castle Town Market, Ocarina of Time.


Main article: Gerudo

The Gerudo are a race of humanoids originating from the Gerudo Desert. The most prominent trait of the Gerudo is the race only consisting of females except one male being born every one hundred years.

"A kid like you may not know this, but the Gerudo race consists only of women. Only one man is born every hundred years..."



Main article: Sheikah

The Sheikah are a race of ancient humanoids who were an advanced civilization with power and wisdom that saved Hyrule numerous times. They seem to live in a state of perpetual near-extinction.

"Long ago, an advanced civilization known as the Sheikah inhabited these lands. It was the power and wisdom of the Sheikah that saved this land time and time again. But their civilization disappeared long ago...or so it is said."

— Old Man, Breath of the Wild.


Main article: Kokiri

The Kokiri are a race of children that never grow up, living in the Kokiri Forest under the watch of the Great Deku Tree, who is said to be their father.

"Hey, have you seen your old friends? None of them recognized you with your grown-up body, did they? That's because the Kokiri never grow up! Even after seven years, they're still kids!"

— Deku Tree Sprout, Ocarina of Time.


Main article: Goron

The Gorons are brown/gold, mountain-dwelling creatures that are made out of rock and feed on rock. All Gorons refer to themselves and each other as male; many Gorons have mentioned having brothers, fathers, and sons, but no mothers or sisters.

"I wonder how the Gorons fared after the Great Calamity."

— Daruk, Breath of the Wild.


Main article: Zora

The Zora is a race of aquatic folk split into two subspecies: River Zora and Sea Zora. Though named after their most frequented habitat, River Zora can be found in the sea and vice versa. Their main distinctions instead are their morphology and their temperament.

"The Zoras come from Zora's Domain in northeast Hyrule. An aquatic race, they are longtime allies of Hyrule's Royal Family. I heard that only the Royal Family of Hyrule can enter Zora's Domain..."

— Kaepora Gaebora

Deku Scrub

Deku Scrub
Main article: Deku Scrub

Deku Scrubs are plant-like creatures that inhabit many areas of Hyrule and beyond. They are leafy tree nut shaped beings, often found inside the Great Deku Tree.

"This is my private property. Don't try using it when I'm not around!"

— Business Scrub, Majora's Mask