Ocarina of Time Glitches

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There are many glitches found in Ocarina of Time. Some glitches can be used in order to perform speed runs, and others for useful effects such as infinite Deku Sticks. Some of the glitches and how to do them can be found below.

Extra Bottles

Select a bottle then try to get something that can be caught with bottle. Mid swing press start then select the item that you want changed into bottle. Be careful can't change back. And doesn't act like normal bottle with fairy must release it.

Unlimited Gold Skulltula Glitch

Once Link has Bombs, the Boomerang, and the Song of Storms, he can get unlimited Gold Skulltulas by first going to the lone tree inside Hyrule Castle. Once there, Link can play the Song of Storms to make a hole appear in the ground. Entering the hole, he can hear the typical scratching sound from a Golden Skulltula that is hidden behind one of the walls. Link can then blow up the wall and find the spider. After killing the Gold Skulltula, Link cannot collect the Gold Skulltula Token. Walking close to the exit portal, he should not enter it. He then must target the token with the Boomerang and throw it, and before the Boomerang returns, Link must get into the portal to exit the grotto. If done correctly, his Gold Skulltula Token count will have gone up by one, but he can re-enter the hole to find that the Gold Skulltula is still there, allowing him to repeat it as much as possible.

While this works on all versions of Ocarina of Time, it does not work in the Nintendo 3DS version.

Infinite Deku Stick Glitch

While holding a Deku Stick, Link must perform a jump attack at an angle on a wall. If performed correctly, Link will hold a broken Deku Stick which the player can use repeatedly.

ISG (Infinite Sword Glitch)

When ISG is on, Link swings his sword a hundred times per second. This glitch is useful for taking down enemies and bosses much more quickly and efficiently. Other abilities include the removal of Link's automatic jump and being invulnerable to falling off ledges.

To activate the glitch, Link has to interrupt a sword stab. A sword stab is essentially using your shield, while kneeling (crouching) and pressing the attack-button(b). Link can interrupt the stab multiple ways including talking to npcs, picking up bombs, or cutscenes.