Mystathi's Shelf

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The Mystathi's Shelf is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Mystathi's Shelf is located just north of the Gerudo Summit, within the Gerudo Highlands. The higher elevations is a snow region that is very cold, requiring Link to wear armor with Cold Resistance, such as the Snowquill Set.

The area shares many of the typical elements as most of the Gerudo Highlands, with enemy Ice-Breath Lizalfos found scattered around, along with Cold-Footed Wolves roaming the area. There is a circle of rocks near the center of the area on a small hill, with the missing rock off in the distance to the northeast. This rock can be tossed onto the small hill from the southwest. After placing it in the proper spot, the Korok will appear.

Cliffside Etchings

Main article: Cliffside Etchings

Just southeast of the Mystathi's Shelf, there is a strange etching on the wall with thunderbolt symbols on them. This is part of the Cliffside Etchings shrine quest, which is given to Link by Geggle at the Tabantha Bridge Stable. Link will need to shoot the center of the pedestal that is on the wall with a Shock Arrow. This will cause the Keeha Yoog Shrine to appear, completing the quest. The actual shrine is just a blessing shrine, so Link can just speak with Keeha Yoog to get a Spirit Orb.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Grab a rock from the plateau to the northeast, and get it up to and complete the rock circle. You can jump up onto the platform from the southwestern edge.

The easiest way I found was to use an Octo balloon on the rock to give it height, use Stasis on the rock, and fire 1 bomb arrow at it. The rock needs to be pretty close to the ledge, otherwise it will just bounce on it.