Mountain Peak Log

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Mountain Peak Log




Mountain Peak Log is a Book from Breath of the Wild. The book is found near a cabin at the south end of Mount Granajh. Reading the book will begin the Secret of the Snowy Peaks shrine quest.


This is a log of my findings concerning the shrine that sleeps on a snowy Gerudo peak.

Discovery Log: Day One

I come to this snowy mountain intending to find the ancient shrine that was written about in an old text. "The shrine slumbers near the pedestal on a snowy Gerudo peak." I believe I've arrived at the pedestal mentioned in the passage.

Discovery Log: Day Seven

It's been seven days since I arrived at the pedestal mentioned in the ancient texts. Unfortunately, I'm eating through my food provisions more quickly than I anticipated. On a brighter note, I've found an explanation in the source text that may be the key to this riddle. "When the snowy mountain pedestal glows, cast a cold shadow onto its core." I noticed a faint glow to the pedestal for a short while each day. But how to "cast a cold shadow onto its core"...? It seems that this calls for further research here.

Discovery Log: Day... I've lost count.

I can feel that I'm a hair's breadth away from unlocking the secrets hidden within the pedestal. I'm certain that "casting" and "cold" refer to using a specific type of shadow. But I've run out of food entirely, and I doubt now that I ever had the tools to do the job....whatever they might be.