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Mother Maiamai






In a cave north of Lake Hylia

Mother Maiamai is a character in A Link Between Worlds. She appears as a large marine creature, similar to a mix of an octopus and a hermit crab.

Mother Maiamai lives in a cave north of Lake Hylia. The cave entrance is initially blocked off by a large boulder which must be destroyed with a Bomb. There is evidence the citizens nearby sealed the cave off due to the fear of the strange creature.

Mother Maiamai is in search of her lost children, the Maiamais, which are collectible creatures that Link can find throughout his quest. Upon returning 10 of these children to their mother, Link can receive an item upgrade such as the Nice Bow, which shoots three Arrows at a time as opposed to the usual one. She upgrades these items by sucking them into her mouth, glowing, and then spitting the item back out. Link needs to collect at least 90 children in order to upgrade all of the items from Ravio's shop,[1] and all 100 to receive the Great Spin Attack.

Once all of her children have returned and Link has talked to Ravio, Mother Maiamai and her babies leave this dimension to go to a different one,[2] leaving behind the 72nd Maiamai Link has saved, who elected to stay behind.[3]


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