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Difficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gif


Link's Awakening
1-2 Heart.png Arrow
1-2 Heart.png Contact
Ocarina of Time
1-2 Heart.png Spear Charge

Oracle of Seasons & Ages
Blue Moblin & Blue Moblin Pig
1-2 Heart.png Arrow
1-2 Heart.png Contact
Red Moblin & Red Moblin Pig
1-2 Heart.png Arrow
1-2 Heart.png Boomerang
1-2 Heart.png Contact

The Wind Waker
1-4 Heart.png Jab with Fist
1-4 Heart.png Stab with Spear
1-2 Heart.png Hook with Fist
1-2 Heart.png Spear thrust
1 Heart.png Spear Sweep

Skyward Sword
1 Heart.png Spear
Wand of Gamelon
1-2 Heart.png Contact


Link's Awakening
Sword - 2 hits
All other weapons - 1 hit
Oracle of Seasons & Ages
Blue Moblin
Sword - 3 hits
Red Moblin
Sword - 2 hits
Blue Moblin Pig
Sword - 2 hits
Red Moblin Pig
Sword - 1 hit

The Wind Waker
Master Sword - 5 hits
Bombs - 3 hits
Arrow - 4 hits
Fire Arrow - 2 hits
Ice Arrow - 2 hits
Light Arrow - 1 hit

Skyward Sword
Goddess Sword - 25 hits
Wand of Gamelon
Sword - 1 hit
In General



A Link to the Past

Link's Awakening
Ocarina of Time
Sacred Forest Meadow

The Minish Cap
Bow Moblin
Various Areas
Spear Moblin
Lake Hylia
Western Wood

Wand of Gamelon

Moblins, also known as Molblins, are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They are bulldog or pig-like foot soldiers of Ganon, and sometimes other enemy forces. While Moblins are often just enemies, other games portray them as a race of Hyrule, and unlike most other monsters, consistently possess the ability to speak with Hylians.


Moblins are portrayed as bipedal mammalian creatures that are quite diverse in appearance.

Moblins appear to be omnivorous as Great Moblin is seen eating meat in his official artwork, and is said to enjoy Spring Bananas as well.

However, in Breath of the Wild, the bestiary says that they are Carnivores and moblin enemies do not appear to eat vegetables unlike Bokoblins.


Little is seen of Moblin culture, but it appears to be militaristic, and based on raiding other settlements.


The Legend of Zelda

In The Legend of Zelda, Bulldoggish Moblins appear in two varieties, orange and blue. The only difference between the two, is that the orange one requires two hits to defeat, while the blue one requires three (with the original Sword). They attack by running into Link, and on occasion, shoot Arrows.

A few Moblins appear in caves called Secret Moblins and will give Link 10, 30, or 100 Rupees to keep their hiding place hidden.[1]

The Adventure of Link

Bulldog Moblins in The Adventure of Link appear throughout Western Hyrule and Death Mountain and attack Link with spears. The weakest are colored orange and simply charges Link in endless waves. They give no experience points and steal 10 experience if they hit Link. They will, however, drop Blue Magic Jars, and an occasional Point Bag worth 50 experience. The second variety of Orange Moblin, along with the stronger red and blue varieties swing and throw their spears at Link. Orange spear-throwing Moblins give 10 experience on death. Red and blue moblins, who are incrementally tougher to kill both yield 20 experience each.

In the game's story, Moblins are established as members of Ganon's remaining followers conspiring to revive their master by sacrificing Link. If Link dies, they succeed in this endeavor.

Game Data

Charging Moblin
MoblinOrange-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 0
Item Drop Blue Magic Jar or 50 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Plains and Forests around the North Castle
Combat Data •Drains 10 experience on contact
Orange Moblin
MoblinOrange-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 10
Item Drop Blue Magic Jar or 50 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Forests of Northwestern Hyrule
Combat Data
Red Moblin
MoblinRed-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 20
Item Drop Blue Magic Jar or 50 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Forests and Caves of Western Hyrule
Death Mountain
Combat Data
Blue Moblin
MoblinBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 20
Item Drop Blue Magic Jar or 50 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Forests and Caves of Western Hyrule
Death Mountain
Combat Data

A Link to the Past


Moblins first appear in A Link to the Past when Link enters the Dark World after defeating Agahnim. Moblins are depicted as Piggish monsters in Ganon's image. They can be found patrolling the area around the Pyramid of Power, as well as throughout the overworld within the Dark World. They will walk around with their Trident spears, tossing them at Link when he draws near.

Despite their ability to use a projectile weapon, it isn't much of a threat at all. Link can deflect the trident spears with his Fire Shield and even if they hit, they will only deal 1/2 a heart of damage. More dangerous than that if the Moblin simply makes contact with Link while walking around, it will deal two full hearts of damage.

Moblins don't have much health and can be defeated with one direct swipe from the Master Sword. The Moblin are also one of the enemies that will turn to Slime when Link sprinkles Magic Powder on them.

Link's Awakening

In Link's Awakening, Moblins are extremely common enemies, and appear in both bulldog, and pig variants. They can appear in dungeons or in some regions of Koholint Island, such as Bulldog moblins the Mysterious Woods Tal Tal Heights. While Pig Warrior Moblins tend to be in mountainous or plains areas like Ukuku Prairie. [2]

A gang of Moblins lives in a cave in the Tal Tal Heights area. Their leader, the King Moblin, kidnaps Madam MeowMeow's pet Chain Chomp, BowWow.[3] Link must fight through many Moblins to save it.

Ocarina of Time

Bulldog Moblins appear in the Sacred Forest Meadow when Link returns as an adult. They will charge at him should he enter their field of vision. While charging, Link cannot hurt them. They are vulnerable to the Hookshot and can be taken down with one hit.

There is a stronger version of the Moblin called a Club Moblin that guards the entrance to the Forest Temple and is notably more difficult. It swings a giant club at Link, shooting out clouds of dust which will knock Link back if he is hit. It is vulnerable to the Bow and the Hookshot, though the Hookshot isn't practical to use until upgraded to the Longshot. The way Link can get past them is by running to the left then the right or in reverse. Once Link gets behind them he can slash away with his sword. They take three hits to kill with the Master Sword. Every time Link re-enters the area, the Club Moblin will reappear.

Oracle of Seasons and Ages

Both Bulldog, and Pig Moblins appear as enemies within both games.

Both games have Moblins working under Great Moblin, a large pig moblin, within their settings. In addition to being a boss, Great Moblin, and his followers are also portrayed as recurring characters within the story. If a Linked game is started after completion of one game, Great Moblin will remember Link from their previous in the prior game. For example, if one uses the code given at the end of Oracle of Ages in the beginning of Oracle of Seasons, Great Moblin will wonder if Link followed him from Labrynna to Holodrum.

A Moblin Ring also exists to turn Link into a green Bulldog Moblin. Doing so prevents Link from doing any action but moving, but prevents him from being engulfed by Like Likes, or slipping on Ice.

Oracle of Seasons

Moblins work under Great Moblin, and extort rupees from travelers who pass through Great Moblin's keep to get to Sunken City. Link can best the Great Moblin in combat, and destroy the fortress for a Piece of Heart, in which case the Great Moblin, and his followers can be found in Sunken City, forced to sell bombs.

Link can light the Moblins stash of bombs, and leave, causing the house to blow up, and the moblins to flee. With the house being rebuilt in a shoddier state, Link can repeat this one more time, but by the third time, Great Moblin will catch him in the act, and the moblins punish him by leaving him in the exploding house, resulting in a gameover.

Great Moblin's followers can also be found in various places. Moblins caught Dimitri in Spool Swamp, and will sell him to Link for 80 rupees. Later, again in Spool Swamp, some moblins will be attempting to buy a Spring Banana from Moosh, once Moosh eats the Banana, combat starts, and Link assists in making the moblins retreat.

In a Linked Game continuing from Ages, a visiting Princess Zelda will be waylaid from Great Moblin, and his followers in North Horon, who attempt to steal her jewelry, and rupees. Link defeats Great Moblin yet again, forcing him, and his servants to flee.

A Friendly Pig Moblin may be found offering to tell Link the secret of the Tokay people in Labyrynna.

Oracle of Ages

Great Moblin has built a fortress in Rolling Ridge, and has walled off the Gorons from obtaining Bomb Flowers so his own bomb making business will have no competition. Link destroy the fortress sending Great Moblin, and his followers, obtaining a special bombflower required to beat the game.

In a linked game, the Tokay secret given by the Moblin in Holodrum can be used to obtain a bigger bomb bag from the Tokay at the museum in reward for knowing their secret.

The Wind Waker

Pig-like Moblins appear most notably inside the Forsaken Fortress as guards. The first time Link enters the fortress, he is without a sword. Due to this, if a Moblin catches him, they will throw him in prison should they see him. They aren't the brightest of enemies and can be easily fooled by hiding beneath a barrel. The second time through the Moblins won't be frightened to attack the young hero with their spears. Moblin Spears are among the weapons that Link can use to fight with.

Moblins also appear in Hyrule Castle frozen in time before Link draws the Master Sword. After doing so, they will begin to patrol the castle and attack Link.

They drop Skull Necklaces upon defeat for the Spoils Bag, which are collectible items for a side quest in the game.

Four Swords

Pig Moblins identical to the ones in The Wind Waker work under Vaati.

The Minish Cap

Similar to Link's Awakening, Ganon does not appear in The Minish Cap. It is established some moblins were among the monsters sealed within the Minish cap chest. They are released by Vaati, and seem to be used by him as troops.

Moblins appear partway through the game and frequent the overworld. Two variants appear, Spear Moblins and Bow Moblins. Spear Moblins will charge at Link, and Bow Moblins will fire arrows. They can be easily defeated by stunning them with the Boomerang and then slashing them with Link's sword.

Spirit Tracks

While Moblins themselves don't appear in Spirit Tracks, the subspecies Big Blins are identical to the Bulldog Moblins, specifically the Club Moblin from Ocarina of Time. This is the first appearance of Bulldog Moblins in the Great Sea era, showing they still exist.

Skyward Sword

Moblins in Skyward Sword have changed in appearance quite a bit. Now they are fat, red skinned, humanoid with noses, floppy eared similar to a canine, and are bigger than Link himself. Moblins are among Demise's worshippers, and work under Ghirahim in their master's absence. Moblins are a very common enemy when revisiting Faron Woods and drop a lot of rupees.

Wooden Shield Moblin


A Wooden Shield Moblin is a giant purple monster that holds a spear and a large wooden shield. The moblin uses the shield to block your attacks, although it isn't very sturdy. You can slice the shield into pieces, leaving the moblin vulnerable to sword attacks. The moblin's primary attack is using its spear to wind back and deliver a thrusting blow at you. You can quickly dodge the attack and deliver a counter sword slash during the recoil period.

Metal Shield Moblin


An Iron Shield Moblin is a giant purple monster that holds a spear and a large Iron shield. The moblin uses the shield to block Link's attacks, and it is much sturdier than the wooden shield. The moblin's primary attack is using its spear to wind back and deliver a thrusting blow at Link. Link can quickly dodge the attack and deliver a counter sword slash during the recoil period.

Tri Force Heroes

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Breath of the Wild

A Red Moblin

"This heavyweight species of monster can be found all over Hyrule. They're physically very strong, their legs alone strong enough to resist the force of a bomb blast. They're much more dangerous than Bokoblins. In fact, Moblins have been known to pick up Bokoblins and throw them as makeshift projectile weapons."

— In-Game Description

Moblins look extremely different compared to other installments in the series. This time they are much bigger with a longer snout. In Breath of the Wild, they usually wield large club weapons. They come in many varieties. Link can find them in various enemy encampments across Hyrule. A good strategy is to use Two-Handed Weapons to knock over the Moblin before it can attack. Other weapons will not make them fall, but instead merely flinch. If presented with any form of meat, they will eat it, restoring themselves to full health.

Blue Moblin

A slightly stronger variant of the Red Moblin. Often seen wielding reinforced Moblin weapons, such as Spiked Moblin Spears or Spiked Moblin Clubs. Upon death, they may drop some Moblin Guts.

Black Moblin

Even more powerful than the Blue variant, these Moblins are usually the leader of their pack. They attack quicker, and carry stronger, dragonbone weapons, including the Dragonbone Moblin Club.

Silver Moblin

A Stalmoblin

These are the most powerful versions of the Moblin in the regular mode of the game. They are much more aggressive than any other versions, and have faster attacking speed, especially with bows. They can carry elemental arrows, and have significantly more health than weaker variants. Upon death, they can drop rare materials such as Sapphire or Topaz, as well as an assortment of Moblin goods.

Golden Moblin

Golden Moblins are found exclusively in Master Mode, and have more health than their silver counterparts, though they carry the same weapons and drop the same items.


Main article: Stalmoblin

This variant of Moblin only appears at night, and behaves very similarly to creatures such as Stalchildren from previous games. They only have 1 HP, but when struck, their heads will drop to the ground, and will need to be destroyed in order to be fully rid of Stalmoblin. They often appear in groups of 2 or 3.

Cursed Moblin

Main article: Cursed Moblin

The Cursed Moblin only appears in areas tainted by the Malice of Calamity Ganon. They appear identical to the heads of Stalmoblin, though they are engulfed in a dark aura. They tend to spawn from a certain area of Malice, so destroying the source will prevent them from appearing.

Age of Calamity

Moblins in Age of Calamity are some of the more common mini-bosses, first encountered in The Battle of Hyrule Field scenario. They are often accompanied by smaller and weaker enemies, such as a Bokoblin. Moblin also often appear as the leaders of outposts, of which the warrior must defeat them in order to capture the outpost. Compared to Moblins in Breath of the Wild, these are considerably more difficult to defeat.

They will occasionally drop a Moblin Horn or Moblin Fang when defeated. After each Moblin is defeated, the player will receive a Moblin Trophy, which can be used to complete quests or upgrade weapons of the various warriors. Stronger variants and elemental variants of Moblin are very common, with their being Blue Moblin, Black Moblin, Silver Moblin, Electric Moblin, Fire Moblin, Ice Moblin, and Stalmoblin. The stronger variants appear in later scenarios, with the elemental variants appearing in levels corresponding to their elements.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Faces of Evil

Moblins appear in the same fashion as they do in The Wand of Gamelon.

Wand of Gamelon

Moblins wield long spears and will try to attack Zelda with them. There are two different variants of moblins — stationary ones, and others that walk towards Zelda. The stationary moblins will kneel down and toss their spears towards Zelda. If Zelda is above or below the moblin, the spear will be tossed on an angle. The spears can be rather tricky to deflect, but they can in fact be blocked with Zelda's shield. The pattern for these moblins is that they will toss three spears in a row, then there will be a few seconds of gap, and then three more spears will be thrown. During this gap, quickly run up to the moblin and slash at it once with your sword. Some of these stationary moblins will leave red rubies, while others leave green ones, depending on their location. These stationary moblins can often be found in groups of more than one, making it very difficult to get passed them without getting hit.

Walking moblins also wield spears and will simply walk up to Zelda and try to toss the spears at her her. These fellows are quite large targets and one simple sword slash will defeat them. They often will appear in packs, with several of them appearing at once. Be careful as sometimes multiple moblins appear at the same time and their game sprites are right behind each other, at which it appears there is only one, but there are actually two. Most moblins of this variant leave behind a red ruby, but certain ones will leave behind more valuable green rubies.

Twilight Princess Trailer

This section describes cut content, game elements which were removed before the game was released.

A Moblin-like enemy appeared in a 2004 trailer for Twilight Princess. In this trailer, the Moblin appears similar to those from The Wind Waker, but with Twilight Princess' darker graphic scheme instead of The Wind Waker's cartoonish one. They wield a large axe, which looks similar to the one King Bulblin uses against Link in the Bulblin Fortress and Hyrule Castle. It is unknown why this enemy was not used in the final version of the game.

Battle Quest


This common, generally unfriendly enemy is found on the plains and in forests. When you happen upon a group of them brandishing their clubs and they turn and look at's pretty scary.

Pig Moblins are some of the most common enemies found within Battle Quest. They come in several different forms and have varying degrees of difficulty and health. Moblins act very similarly to their Bokoblin counterparts from Skyward Sword.

Types of Moblin:

  • Moblin
  • Quick Moblin
  • Shield Moblin (Strong Shield Moblin)
  • Archer Moblin
  • Bomb Moblin
  • Big Moblin (Armored Big Moblin)


  • The Moblins from The Wind Waker were actually the first monster to be designed. Because of this, they served as the model upon which the rest of the enemies were based.[4]
  • The porcine design of Moblins in a A Link to the Past seems likely to have been done to reflect their allegiance to Ganon.



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