Majora's Mask Midis

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Below is a full listing of Midi songs for Majora's Mask for the N64. The files can be individually downloaded from the table below, or the complete midi pack is available here: Download Complete Midi Pack (57KB)

Track Title Duration Download
Aliens!!! 1:22 Download
Boss 2:15 Download
Bremen March 0:40 Download
Clock Tower 2:31 Download
Clock Town 4:22 Download
Credits 1:33 Download
Cruise 2:00 Download
Deku Palace 2:07 Download
Goron Race 1:27 Download
Great Bay 2:31 Download
Ikana Canyon 2:43 Download
Ikana Castle 2:00 Download
Mayor 1:22 Download
Milk Bar 1:55 Download
Mini-Game 1:41 Download
Observatory 1:07 Download
Pirate Cove 2:20 Download
Skull Kid 0:57 Download
Stone Tower Temple 2:36 Download
Termina Field 2:32 Download
Woodfall 2:30 Download