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Breath of the Wild
Zora's Domain
Tears of the Kingdom
Zora's Domain

Laflat is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Laflet is a Zora who resides in Zora's Domain. She spends her time staring out towards Ploymus Mountain, as she is worried about the Red-Maned Lynel that can be found patrolling the area. Laflat mentions that there is a fool somewhere in Zora's Domain who encourages people to climb up to Shatterback Point at the top of Ploymus Mountain and jump off into the East Reservoir Lake. She thinks this is incredibly reckless as not only is it a dangerous jump, but just getting past the Lynel itself can be very dangerous.[1]

Lynel Safari

Main article: Lynel Safari

When Link speaks to Laflat for the first time, she asks Link to bring him a picture of the Lynel on top of Ploymus Mountain.[2][3] If Link doesn't understand why, Laflat will at first repeat herself with more clarity.[4] She eventually might even speak to Link as if he was a young child, explaining how awful the situation is.[5] Laflat wants a picture of a Lynel, so that she can show it to some of the people in Zora Domain's, in hopes of discouraging any people from risking their lives.[6] This will begin the Lynel Safari quest.

Link can easily reach Ploymus Mountain by heading just east of Zora's Domain and swimming up the waterfalls while wearing the Zora Armor. After a series of waterfalls, Link will find a Red-Maned Lynel. All he needs to do is take a picture of the lynel and doesn't necessarily need to fight it. Return to Laflat and show her the picture.[7][8][9] She initially screams in terror, but then thanks Link for finding the picture. She hopes it will keep the children away from the mountain.[10] Laflat will then award Link the Zora Greaves, which is part of the Zora Set. These greaves were once made by a craftsmen and were given to Hylians when they visited Zora's Domain. They were sold by Laflat's father at his armor shop, before it had closed down. However, since less Hylians started coming to Zora's Domain, and the Zora themselves cannot use them, the armor shop needed to close.[11] This will complete the Lynel Safari quest.

Tears of the Kingdom

Laflat can be found walking in Zora's Domain with Cleff. She is slightly upset that Cleff used all the Splash Fruit to clean up just the area in front of his store.



  1. See, there's this fool in the domain who goads people into jumping off of Shatterback Point on Ploymus Mountain. It's an incredibly dangerous jump, and this guy pressure people into jumping off by questioning their courage. He's a real bottom-feeder. If this keeps up, someone is surely going to wind up horribly injured! I need a picture of a Lynel to show everyone how scary they are. That way, maybe people will stop going up there. Does that answer your question, Link? - Laflat
  2. Hello. Link... I am sorry to ask this of you when you are busy dealing with the Divine Beast... But I am afraid this is a task that only you can accomplish! - Laflat
  3. There's a red-maned monster called a Lynel that lives on Ploymus Mountain. I REALLY need a picture of a Lynel. It can be a picture of any red-maned Lynel. Not just the one on the mountain. So what do you say? Can you get me a picture of a Lynel? - Laflat
  4. I'm sorry. I know that was a bit sudden. Allow me to elaborate. That peak over there is known as Ploymus Mountain. On top of Ploymus Mountain is a brutal, red-maned monster called a Lynel. It's so very important that I see one. Any Lynel with a red mane will do. It doesn't have to be that specific one. Does that make more sense? - Laflat
  5. Really? You...still don't get it?! OK...I will try explaining it like I would to a child. Does baby see dat really big rock over dere? Dat's called Ploymus Mountain! Yes it is! A big, scawy monster with red hair lives there. It's called a Lynel, and I really, REALLY want to see what one looks like! But they're NOT VERY NICE, so I don't want you to bring him down here because he might be mean to us! Maybe you could draw me a pretty picture of what a Lynel looks like instead? Any red-maned Lynel at all? *ahem* There... Do you understand now? - Laflat
  6. I'll leave the details to you. Just bring me a picture of a Lynel so I can describe them in terrible detail. Thank you! - Laflat
  7. Hello. Link! How is that Lynel mission coming along? - Laflat
  8. Oh, wow! Please show me! - Laflat
  9. WAAAH?! *ahem* My apologies... That sound was not very dignified, was it? P-pardon me... I'm all better now. That Lynel... How terrifying! One look at this, and I doubt anyone would get any reckless ideas about visiting Ploymus Mountain! - Laflat
  10. Thank you! I'll tell the children of the domain about this. Maybe that will scare them away from the mountain. Oh, right! Now for your reward... - Laflat
  11. These Zora greaves were once made by skilled craftsmen by order of an ancient Zora king. Now they're fairly common. As you know, East Reservoir Lake was created in a collaboration between Hylians and the Zora. After East Reservoir Lake was finished, we made Zora greaves as a token of friendship for Hylians who came to visit. But over time, the number of Hylians visiting the domain dwindled, and my father had to close his armor shop. These Zora greaves here were the last pair left in the stock room when he closed up shop. Wearing these, even a Hylian can swim as well as a Zora. That said, these would be wasted on me. They are only useful for a Hylian like you. Please take good care of them! - Laflat