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Kofu is one of the Anouki in the northeast portion of Anouki Village in Spirit Tracks.

When Link arrives in Anouki Village, he must pair the Anoukis together to form a villiage watch, as requested by the chief. Each Anouki has to be paired with a specific person. Kofu refuses to work together with anyone who has big horns like his, as he claims that his horns are the best in the village, and that he doesn't want anyone with horns that rival his.[1] As such, Link must pair him with Noko.

At a later point in the game, Link must bring a Goron to Anouki Village. After talking with the Goron, Kofu decides to go to Goron Village.[2] If Link brings him there, he will be awarded a Force Gem.


  1. "Hey! Guy! The name's Kofu. Good to meet ya, pal. So you're the guy puttin' together pairs for the watch? I can't wait! My thoughts? I won't work with anyone who's got big horns like mine. Mine are the best in the village. Maybe even best in the world! So now ya know my only request, pal. Find me a good partner, OK? Thanks!" — Kofu, Spirit Tracks.
  2. "Hey there, guy! I've just been chattin' with my rocky pal here. He's really been talkin' up Goron Village to me. Apparently, it's toasty all year round and the perfect place for takin' it easy! Personally, this Anouki could use a break from guard duty. Whaddaya say to givin' me a lift to Goron Village? [.]Sure.[.]I can't." — Kofu, Spirit Tracks.