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Khini is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Khini can be found over at the East Akkala Stable, which he describes as the premier stable of the east.[1] During the daytime, Khini can be seen patrolling just outside of the stable, day and night. He will never go to sleep, only heading inside the stable when it is raining.

Khini will sell Link some Akkala Buns, which will help Link's energy go through the roof. The Akkala Buns are a delicacy found exclusively at the East Akkala Stable.[2][3]

When Unlike most food, Akkala Buns must be consumed right then and there as the fresh ingredients will spoil.[4] If Link pays Khini 10 rupees, he will feed him an Akkala Bun.[5][6][7]

The Akkala Buns could add a Temporary Stamina wheel.[8] The results are a bit random, sometimes the bun has no effect on Link and other times it added a yellow wheel.[9]


  1. Helloooo! Welcome to East Akkala Stable! The premier stable of the east! - Khini
  2. By the way, good sir... The outside is crunchy while the inside is chewy. Take one bite, and your energy will go through the roof! Go on! Try one of our Akkala buns! They're a delicacy straight from the East Akkala Stable! - Khini
  3. Care to buy an Akkala bun? - Khini
  4. Oh, one thing to note... Akkala buns go bad fast since they're made of fresh ingredients. So you'll have to eat it here, that way we can ensure its quality. That OK? - Khini
  5. That'll be 10 rupees, please! - Khini
  6. Heheh, thanks for your business! Now then, close your eyes and open your mouth wiiiiiiiiiiiide... - Khini
  7. Now just MUNCH 'N' CRUNCH! And down the hatch it goes... - Khini
  8. So how was it?! Amazing, right? - Khini
  9. Hm? That's odd. Your energy didn't go through the roof? - Khini