Kenzō Hayakawa

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Kenzō Hayakawa
早川 賢三
はやかわ けんぞう
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Various Zelda Games



Kenzō Hayakawa is a programmer who has been working for SRD since the Nintendo 64 era. He first worked on Yoshi's Story before then joining the Zelda team on Ocarina of Time. He would go on to work on numerous Zelda titles over the next two decades.

Release Game Credit(s)
1998 Ocarina of Time Main System Programmer
2000 Majora's Mask Main System Programmer
2002 Ocarina of Time Master Quest Main System Programmer
2002 The Wind Waker Main System Programming
2003 The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition Engineering
2006 Twilight Princess Technical Programming
2011 Ocarina of Time 3D Main System Programmer
2011 Skyward Sword Technical Programming
2015 Majora's Mask 3D Main System Programmer