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Kampo is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Kampo can be found at the Lakeside Stable where he spends most of the daytime standing and looking at the Horses found at the stable. Kamp has a fascination with the waterfalls at Lake Floria, referring to them as the very picture of perfection.[1] However, Kampo seems to think there is something strange at the very top of the waterfall, and while he thinks it has shrunk over time, there is a faint glow. He's unsure if this has been there the whole time.[2]

Kampo wakes up each morning at 5am before making his way to the horse stalls. He can be found standing by the stalls all day long, not heading back inside to go to bed until after midnight each night.


  1. Don't you think the waterfall flowing down from Lake Floria is the very picture of perfection? There is something strange at the top of that waterfall, though... And even though it has shrunken over time, you can still see a faint glow. - Kampo
  2. Maybe I'm just imagining things... Was it like that the whole time? - Kampo