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Jini is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Jini can be found sitting beside a Cooking Pot at the Mounted Archery Camp, located at the end of the pathway, west from the Highland Stable. He is trained in horseback archery and offers to teach Link a few tips.[1] Jini indicates that the monsters out in this direction are vicious, as he is referring to the Bokoblin riders at the Darybon Plains and the Red-Maned Lynels at the Oseira Plains.[2] If Link does not have his horse with him, Jini suggests visiting the nearby Highland Stable before he will teach him and tricks.[3]

Jini can be found alongside Straia, who is also at the Mounted Archery Camp. While he spends the entire day sitting down, he will not fall asleep until after midnight each evening. Despite the late hour, Jini will wake up and still will be willing to work with Link on his horseback archery.[4]

Before drilling with Jini, he'll offer to sell Link some arrows. He offers bundles of regular Arrows, as well as some Bomb Arrows.[5][6][7]

Horseback Archery Drill

Main article: Horseback Archery Drill

Talk to Jini while on horseback and after he tries to sell some arrows, he will then introduce the Horseback Archery Drill. It will cost Link 20 rupees to participate.[8][9][10]

Jini will setup a series of targets out in the field and Link will need to ride on his horse and shoot them down. Link only has 60-seconds to complete the task and is limited to however many arrows he has, and whichever bows he has in his inventory. If at anytime, Link gets off the horse, he will be disqualified and the drill will be over. Initially, Jini will set a goal that if Link breaks more than 20 targets, he'll hand over his Horse Gear.[11]

Depending on how well Link performs, Jini will award Link with a variety of awards, including more Arrows, a Knight's Bridle, and a Knight's Saddle.[12]

Arrow Shop

Material Icons Quantity Price
Arrows x10
Arrow x5.png
Arrow x5.png



  1. Hello there, young man. I can tell just by looking that you're a trained warrior. But tell me this: How confident are you in your ability to fight on horseback? - Jini
  2. Hm... I don't like the sound of that. The monsters out this way are strong critters. You're sure you don't want to drill with me some? - Jini
  3. They say youth breeds impulsiveness, but it's that kind of quick certainty that'll save your hide. Maybe someday soon. Now...for a young man interested in horseback archery, you seem to be in want of a horse. That's no way to drill. Head down that path there, and you out to come across a stable. Fetch your steed from them if you got one. Get a horse, mount up, then come talk to me while you're riding high in the saddle. - Jini
  4. Hm? You are are a night owl, aren't you? Young man...are you looking to drill? - Jini
  5. Can't drill without a bow and arrows. I'd think that's just common sense. If you need some, I can sell you a few of mine. Or I'm open for any sort of business! What do you say? - Jini
  6. I have an impressive collection here! Take your time! - Jini
  7. Suit yourself. We'll see how well you and your horse act as a team on the field. - Jini
  8. Now...I'm loath to ask, but would you mind forking over 20 rupees to cover some of my costs? - Jini
  9. This here's a service I'm happy to provide, but I can't do it for free. Don't judge a man for his needs. - Jini
  10. Much obliged, young man. I guarantee my drills are worth twice what you pay. All right. Then c'mere, young man. - Jini
  11. I'll explain a bit before we get started. You see the targets floating out there? I'll judge your skill by how many of 'em you pop with your arrows. Don't you worry about when time's up. I'll let you know. Until then, ride hard and shoot straight. Suppose this goes without saying, but you get off your horse, and we're done here. No way to practice shooting from horseback when you're standing around on foot, after all. Tell you what... You break more than 20 targets, and I'll hand over my horse gear. Figure I've said my piece now. Time we got started. Best of luck, young man. - Jini
  12. Hm... Well, you hit 12... Not bad, but I'm not rightly convinced you're ready to raise the stakes. Hitting your mark at a gallop is no small potatoes. Make sure to keep your eye on the target. Here's a reward for seeing it through. Keep drilling and you'll get it. - Jini