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Incite December 1999


December 1999



Incite Game Magazine


Miyamoto talks about developing Zelda Gaiden (Majora's Mask), and what improvements they've made and can do now since Ocarina of Time.

Then, he talks briefly about Ura Zelda (Ocarina of Time Master Quest) and some possibilities of download-able content using the 64DD hardware.

He also talks about the development of Oracle Series for GameBoy Color. He mentions that Nintendo originally wanted to make three games in this series.


Transcription by adv2k1 of the IGN Zelda board.

Incite Game Magazine: It's been a year since you released The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Looking back at its release, are you surprised it did so well?
Shigeru Miyamoto: To a certain degree I expected it to do well, but I'm really thankful that it was so successful. It's really difficult to sell over eight million copies with just talent and ability, especially in Japan where the N64 market was in an adverse condition. After taking so long to finish it, everyone was expecting it to be perfect so I was a little nervous, I wish I'd another three months to finish it off perfectly.
Incite: Now you're creating a new Zelda game. Is this going to contain the parts left over from Ocarina of Time or is it completely new?
SM: For Nintendo it's very rare case where we use the same game engine to create a new game. I'm using the same system and characters that were in The Ocarina of Time. However, it isn't a sequel. This time I wanted to make a new style for Zelda. I wanted to create a deeper story with more layers of depth to the game.
Incite: For your latest Zelda title you're going to using the memory pack. What will this allow you to that you couldn't do before?
SM: Now, you'll be able to meet more people and do more things at the same time. This will make both the game-play and the story denser. I'll also be able to make the enemies more intelligent.
Incite: Is flagship writing the scenario for this game?
SM: I'm the producer, but it's the creation of the staff who worked on the previous Zelda game. They've thought it up themselves. Flagship is working on the scenarios for the Game Boy series of Zelda games and doesn't have any input into this new Zelda.
Incite: With the game system already in place, what has been the biggest challenge for you this time?
SM: Last time we weren't able to portray each character sufficiently. This is what I want to achieve this time around.
Incite: With the more detail to the characters' facial expressions, for example?
SM: Naturally, with the memory pack that's possible, but it.s not something concentrating our efforts on. Instead we're focusing our attention on the character.s animation and personality. This is more interesting than simply drawing.
Incite: On either the N64 or the GB, the brilliance of Zelda game still shines through. What do you think it is about Zelda that makes it enthralling?
SM: I think it's because we've been able to achieve a system where able to control Link of your own accord. I don't like those scenarios where the flow of the story is fixed and your character just is take along with it. It's not very interactive at all. For Example, when I was creating the Super Famicom version of Zelda, at first, if you stood before an object and pressed the button they you would automatically pull it. However, I didn't like that system at all so I got rid of that and I changed it so that you have to move Link backwards yourself to pull it. That's what Zelda is about. If you can do something by just simply pressing a button, then it's not Zelda. I was very insistent about this point and it's the same for either Game Boy of for N64 version.
Incite: What was the hardest aspect for you in carrying Zelda from its 2D roots to the 3D environment?
SM: I think it was probably the camera work. On the one hand you have to create it so that it's easy for the user to play around with. However, you also have to think about the player.s feelings and decide how to use the camera work emotionally in order to make them feel nervous or courageous in certain situations. Being able to switch between all these different types of camera work is the most important and difficult element. In the new version of Zelda, we've been able to improve the camera work even more to give more drastic presentation. In some parts, it has a movie-like feel to it with many things moving by themselves automatically. We've also improved the auto jump system as well to make it easier for the new players by incorporating various new types of jumping. In addition, when you jump, we've designed the camera work to make it look more exciting and gorgeous.
Incite: Is this game system exactly the same or have you added any new features?
SM: Yes, its basically the same except for the masks. When you wear the masks you can transform into another creature and then you have controls to master.
Incite: Are there still plans to release a 64DD Zelda ?
SM: Distinct from this new version, we do have another 64DD Zelda game. We've currently suspended development because we're busy with so many projects and we wanted to concentrate on Zelda Gaiden, but we're still working on it. We weren't sure which one to do first but for the moment we've put the 64DD to one side to do this new Zelda. However, there's no relationship between them at all. Zelda Gaiden is an original story, while the 64DD uses Ocarina of Time as the base theme. In the 64DD version, certain elements in the story send you off on different paths.
Incite: What's different about the 64DD version?
SM: Well, simply put, every time you go into a dungeon, the tasks will be different. If there was a treasure chest in a certain location the last time you went in, then the next time you in it won't be there.
Incite: Will we be about to play an online Zelda?
SM: Up to now we haven't really started to think about this. However, were not looking to create a multi-player on-line system for Zelda. With the 64DD's read/write capability, we're thinking along the lines of a new dungeon data downloads, and swapping your data with other players.
Incite: Can you tell us about the Game Boy Color Zeldas?
SM: There will be three versions: Tale of Power, Tale of Courage and Tale of Wisdom. Using our special link system, you'll be able to play any of them in any order and after you finish one of them the data from that game will directly affect factors in the other games you play.
Incite: Was this your idea?
SM: Mr. Okamoto at Capcom, the president of flagship, contacted me. Capcom are developing, and we'll continue to meet and discuss how the games are progressing. In the end I have the final decision. Flagship are writing the games. scenarios and we check them several times a month.
Incite: Will you use the 64DD pack to transfer data from the GB version of Zelda to the N64 version?
SM: No. Let's do it for the Dolphin! (laughs) We've announced this for Game Boy, and in the future we'll announce more special features for these games as well.