Interview:IGN June 8th 2011

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IGN June 8th 2011


June 8, 2011





Aonuma describes the Zelda Wii U tech demo and the uniqueness of Zelda.



Aonuma: For the Zelda HD experience that we showed on floor, of course I was involved with the project. The whole thing was really based around the idea of "What can we do with an HD system and using Zelda as a theme or piece to build off of?" We really just figured out the concept. We had all sorts of parties involved in making it, so we had people from inside and outside of the company join hands on this one and bring the experience to life. I, of course, was also involved in that.
IGN: Could we see anything from the Zelda HD Tech Demo in a future HD Zelda game?
Aonuma: Well, you know, I really want to emphasize here that what we did for the Zelda Wii U HD experience was simply a look at a style that would showcase the HD capabilities of the system and use Zelda as a backdrop for that. As you mentioned, with The Wind Waker, we ended up going with that toon shaded style because we felt that it was the best fit for the gameplay and the hardware at the time. And so, in a very similar fashion, when the time comes that we consider making a Wii U Zelda, we're going to look at the art style that's best to use for the gameplay and the system and the components of the experience. At this point in time, no, there's nothing decided in regards to using that art style elsewhere.
IGN: What do you think makes a Zelda game great?
Aonuma: I think that one of the most important things in making a good Zelda game is bringing something really unique to the table in terms of the experience. I think that, in general in the game industry, people are always coming up with new ideas, but in looking at what we try to do with the Zelda, we try and look at what we can think of as individuals part of the Zelda team. We think of what ideas are uniquely ours that only we can pull off and then try as best we can to fit them with the world feel of each individual Zelda game. And when those come together well, I think things go well.