Interview:Famitsu December 10th 1997

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Famitsu December 10th 1997


December 10, 1997





Miyamoto talks about development of Nintendo 64DD, Ocarina of Time, F-ZERO X, and virtual pet game tentatively named "Kyabetsu" (Cabbage).



Famitsu: At Space World '97, not only did we see 64DD related products, but we saw software on display that a lot of people have been waiting for, like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Could you talk about that?
Shigeru Miyamoto: Zelda has taken a year to develop, and we've just finished the system part of it. We're working on games that anyone can enjoy. Even though it's late, it'll be released before the weather gets hot. The 64DD will be released around June or July of next year.
Famitsu: Will you release a 64DD version of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
SM: We will make it once the system has been switched over to the 64DD. Fundamentally, once the cartridge version of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has been out for awhile, I'd like to bring the 64DD version out. It's too early to release just yet, and I don't want to have the 64DD and the cartridge sold at the same time. It's troubling. After we release the cartridge version of F-ZERO X, we'll release the 64DD expansion disc.
Famitsu: With the release of F-ZERO X?
SM: Yes. By using the expansion disc, you can connect the 64DD to F-ZERO X to enjoy. This disc will add new courses and cars, and with the course editor function you can create courses to give to your friends. The AI of the enemy cars even works on the courses you make yourself.
Famitsu: Yamauchi said that you were making a 64DD Virtua Pet game called Cabbage.
SM: I am making it for the 64DD, along with Shigesato Itoi. You can buy it things, give it food, and raise the creature. We're doing it on the 64DD because I wanted to make a clock function, such that even if the power is cut, can still raise the creature. Also, you can use the Game Boy [and the GB64 Pak], and enjoy it anywhere.
Famitsu: It's compatible with the Game Boy?
SM: If you link it with the Game Boy, you can take it with you and raise your creature outside of the home. Of course, the screen will look different from that of the 64DD version, so I think we'll use icons to display the creature. If you feed your creature outside the home, when you return you can reconnect it up to the 64DD.
Famitsu: Last, we'd like to hear about some upcoming Nintendo software you're developing.
SM: Game Boy is keeping portable gaming alive, and the N64 has been left unchanged. I've been thinking about connecting the two since the era of the Super NES. I want them to form one unit. Nintendo's path has always been software comes before hardware, not the other way around. A good example of this is the replay value of F-ZERO X. From now on, the breadth of fun you have with the games will be greater, in ways that you can't imagine.