Interview:Club Nintendo August 2005

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Club Nintendo August 2005


August 2005



Club Nintendo


Club Nintendo asks Aonuma about Twilight Princess.


[1] translated by Miguel Yanez

Club Nintendo: Hello Mr. Aonuma, it's nice to see you again. This is the second time we've seen you at E3 and the second time we've talked about The Legend of Zelda, which now has a name: Twilight Princess.
Eiji Aonuma: It's nice to see you too. I see a lot of familiar faces from last year.
CN: First, where did you get the idea of transforming Link into a wolf?
EA: Well, it's a different way to see Link; like you've never seen him before. But [we're not doing it] just because we want to see him in a different way. What we're seeing here are new scenarios that need to be explored in different ways; in Link's case, he wouldn't be able to visit some places in the twilight realm, because he wouldn't have the skills of – say – a wolf. But he would be able to communicate with animals and interact with the environment in that form. Because of this – and many other reasons – we decided to give the game a facelift.
CN: In this new title, where everything is more realistic, will Link talk?
EA: Something that [Shigeru] Miyamoto and I want to maintain is a Link that represents each and every person who is playing [a Zelda] game; that they feel like they're part of the game, because there is a connection between the game and the player. We wouldn't want Link to say something that the gamer wouldn't, or simply express himself in a way that the gamer wouldn't approve of. For that, we think it's better to keep it this way.
CN: What exactly is the Twilight Realm? Is it the same world in a distorted form?
EA: Well, when you see the "Twilight" in the game, Hyrule is covered by darkness – a world where humans can't survive in the same way. That's why Link turns into a wolf [when entering the twilight realm]. I'm not saying that anyone who enters the twilight realm will turn into some kind of monster, but Link has a gift that lets him become a wolf. As you play the game, you'll discover clues about Link and why this is happening to him, and how he can return to his normal self.
CN: So we can say that the only person who transforms [in the twilight realm] is Link?
EA: That is correct. Link is the only being who can transform in the twilight realm. There are other animals in the twilight, but these already belonged there even before the twilight arrived. In fact, Link can communicate and interact with these animals – something that couldn't be done in his original form.
CN: Will the game be compatible with one of the Nintendo portables?
EA: Nothing about that so far. Wind Waker had [the GBA connectivity], but we would have to try something different – that offered something different. Otherwise we wouldn't be innovative. We're testing out different things, and if we find something that's fun and interesting, we'll do it. So yeah, it's definitely a possibility.
CN: In this game, we're seeing a more mature Link. How old is he again?
EA: In this story, Link is 17 years old.
CN: Will we see a charming and affectionate romance [between Link and] the princess?
EA: Well, we're creating an adolescent storyline and we try to present it how it should be; in fact, if you played it – or will play it – you'll notice that the way Link holds the sword is much cooler than how he used to do it. Link will now do things in a way that will make him look more confident and liberated. And yes, it's true that teenagers have these relationships -- and we would love if it could happen with the princess – but I can't talk about anything yet.
CN: So we'll see it on Revolution? [laughs]
EA: You think everyone would be happy to see Zelda and Link together? [laughs]
CN: It would definitely be a sweet and anticipated relationship. Okay, three more questions. What's your favorite Zelda game? And even though [Twilight Princess] is not finished yet, will there be a Revolution Zelda? Finally, who's doing the illustrations and artwork on Twilight Princess?
EA: I would say Ocarina of Time, simply because it was the first title in the series that I was involved with, and I would also mention Twilight Princess. About Zelda on Revolution, Mr. Iwata has assigned me with the task of doing a Zelda game for the upcoming platform. Regarding the artwork and illustrations, we have a team of designers in our development group, but specifically, Mr. Nakano – who has worked with the franchise for many years – is working on that.
CN: Thanks for your time, Eiji!