I Wish I Was the Moon

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I Wish I Was the Moon




Speak with Kamo


Take Pictograph of a Full Moon


I Wish I Was the Moon[1], also known as A Lonely Man's Riddle[2], is a Side Quest from The Wind Waker.


If Link speaks with Kamo during the daytime, he can tell him that he understands Kamo. Kamo will then task him with bringing a picture of something "perfectly pale and round".[3][4] If Link is able to bring him such a picture, he will acknowledge that Link understands the inner workings of his heart and mind.[5]

Once Link brings a colored picture of the full moon to the troubled Kamo, he apologizes for making Link go through all that trouble, and rewards him with a Treasure Chart 31.[6] Since Kamo doesn't have a boat and cannot leave the island, he has no need for the Treasure Chart. He tells Link that tonight he'll be asking the night sky to guide Link in finding the treasure.[7] From this point onward, Kamo is happier and feels rejuvenated.[8]





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