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The Royal Family of Hyrule is the traditional ruling house of Hyrule. Princess Zelda and the King of Hyrule are a few of the notable members. One can use Zelda's Lullaby to prove their connection to the Royal Family, as Link did throughout his adventure in Ocarina of Time. He must play the Lullaby to Darunia, the Great Fairies, and many other times.

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, the Royal Family of Hyrule resides in Hyrule Castle, behind Castle Town. The only member of the Royal Family Link can encounter is Princess Zelda. The King of Hyrule is mentioned but never seen. In Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf pledges his allegiance to the King of Hyrule, but Zelda senses that he has evil intentions[1]. Ganondorf later betrays the Royal Family and attacks them in an attempt to steal the Ocarina of Time.

The Royal Family seems to have various special connections with the other races of Hyrule, namely the Zoras and the Gorons, as Zelda's Lullaby, a song only members of the Royal Family know, grants Link special access to various things in their territories. In fact, Zora's Domain is almost completely inaccessible to humans without the use of Zelda's Lullaby, as a powerful waterfall blocks the entrance and is only removed after the song has been played.

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, the Royal Family of Hyrule plays a big role in the story of the game. Princess Zelda and her father Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, the King of Hyrule, are both directly a part of the main storyline. Aryll is captured at the beginning of the game because Ganondorf is looking for young girls with long ears, but his eyes are primarily set on a Hylian descendant named Zelda. The pirate Tetra is later revealed as Zelda, the princess of Hyrule. Within Hyrule Castle, a statue of Link can be seen in the center of the room, suggesting evidence of the past generation in which Link had saved the now sealed Hyrule. The Kingdom of Hyrule and its people once thrived in these lands and the Triforce was safe with them. After Ganon attacked, Hyrule was sealed away along with its King and the Triforce itself. Years later, Link comes back down to Hyrule with Tetra, awakening her true form: Princess Zelda. Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule and Princess Zelda are the only two who belong to the Royal Family that are shown in the game. However, in the game, it is also hinted that Tetra's mother had died, leaving the rest of her crew to her daughter Tetra. The King explains that Tetra's mother passed on the Triforce of Wisdom to her daughter along with the Pirate's Charm. Tetra's mother could presumably be the Queen of Hyrule since she had the Triforce of Wisdom in her possession.

Twilight Princess

The Royal Family of Hyrule appears once again in Twilight Princess. At the very beginning of the game, the Royal Family of Hyrule is mentioned when Rusl asks Link to deliver a sword to them[2]. Later, when Link has transformed into Wolf Link, he goes to visit Zelda, who is a member of the Royal Family of Hyrule. A cutscene takes place in which Ganondorf enters Hyrule Castle, which leads to Zelda surrendering to him. When Wolf Link must acquire the Ordon Sword and the Ordon Shield, due to Midna's orders, the sword he picks up in Rusl's House is the sword that was originally supposed to be delivered to the Royal Family of Hyrule. Zelda appears twice more, the first time being when Link obtains three Fused Shadows, Zant appears and places a curse on Midna. The pair must go to Hyrule Castle, where Zelda gives her life to rescue Midna. The second time is during the very end, where Zelda is seen sleeping in a chair in Hyrule Castle. She is actually one of the final bosses, being controlled by Ganondorf. In this phase, she is called Puppet Zelda. However, near the end, Zelda is normal again. During that scene, Zelda's Lullaby is playing in the background.


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