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Hokkubokku, or Hokbok, are enemies from A Link to the Past and Tri Force Heroes.

A Link to the Past


When a Hokkubokku is attacked, a piece of its body will fly off and bounce around the room. The part of the body will continue bouncing until it knocks against a wall three times or if it is defeated by Link. One direct swipe from Link's Master Sword will cause part of the Hokkubokku to break off. Once it is done to just its head, it will take three sword slashes to defeat.

The Hokkubokku does deal a good amount of damage, with it taking away two full hearts of damage from Link when contacted, even when Link is wearing the Blue Mail. However, it's biggest threat is one the Hokkubokku is found alongside several other enemies. The room can get very chaotic with the bouncing balls, so be sure to either defeat the balls immediately, or defeat all other enemies before tackling a Hokkubokku.

The easiest way to defeat the Hokkubokku is by using the Fire Rod, one direct hit will defeat the entire Hokkubokku. Similarly, the Bombos Medallion will do the trick.

Tri Force Heroes

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