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Harbanno is a character from The Wand of Gamelon.


Harbanno is a baker and is originally from Sakado. However, he alongside Mayor Cravendish have been kidnapped and taken to Tykogi Tower. When Zelda first arrives, she can interact with Impa, who uses her vision to see Mayor Cravendish and Harbanno. While Harbanno is stuck at Tykogi Tower, he is more concerned with his cakes burning.[1]

At the end of the first area of Tykogi Tower, Zelda can use Bombs or the Power Glove to remove the boulder, allowing her to access Tykogi Tower. Once inside the tower, Harbanno can be seen walking around. Zelda can speak with him. Harbanno talks about how awful the situation is, mentioning that the mayor is chained in the tower. Harbanno, still concerned for his cakes, will run off, leaving Zelda a Key so that she can visit him in Sakado.[2]

Harbanno will then appear back at Sakado. The key that he gave Zelda allows her to enter the third building in town. When Zelda interacts with him, he will give her some Bread. He jokes that her friend Link could eat ten pieces of bread.[3] He also gives Zelda a hint that the Arpagos will die for the bread.[4] The bread works to distract Arpagos as when Zelda tosses it, the Arpagos will fly down towards it. After a few moments, they will eat the bread and then resume their attack. Zelda can return to Harbanno at any point to replenish her bread. However, she can only ever hold one at a time.


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  1. My cakes will burn! - Harbanno
  2. Come on! Hurry! It's awful! Mayor Cravendish has been chained in the tower! Oh, my cakes! Come see me in Sakado! - Harbanno
  3. Your friend Link could eat ten of these. - Harbanno
  4. Ha! The Arpagos will die for them. - Harbanno