Grandma Ulrira

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Grandma Ulrira
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Grandma Ulrira is a character from Link's Awakening. She lives in Mabe Village in a house with Ulrira, where she is almost always seen sweeping outside of the house.

Trading Sequence

Grandma Ulrira is a participant in the Trading Sequence. She works so hard that her broom is worn down to the handle.[1] When Link brings a new Broom from Mr. Write to her, she becomes very excited and asks if it is for her.[2] If he refuses, she snaps that he should sweep the whole island.[3] If Link gives it to her, she thanks him and gives him a Fishing Hook in return, which she claims to have found while sweeping near the river bank.[4] After this, Grandma Ulrira can be found outside of the northeast house of Animal Village.


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