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Goron Race





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The Goron Race is a racing mini-game from Majora's Mask that Goron Link can participate in at the Goron Racetrack. To access the racetrack, Link must defeat Goht in Snowhead Temple to return spring to the Mountain Village, then use a Powder Keg as a Goron to blow up the rock near the entrance. The track is full of twists, turns, and many Bomb Flowers along the way as Link races four other Gorons. The reward for successfully coming in first place is a Bottle of Gold Dust, used by Zubora and Gabora to upgrade Link's Razor Sword to the Gilded Sword. Winning the Goron Race can be quite the challenge to one who didn't grab the magic upgrade from the Great Fairy in Snowhead. Even though there are magic pots on the track, if Link isn't fast enough, other Gorons will run into them and break them, preventing Link from replenishing his magic while racing. Also, the AI of the Gorons is pretty good, so if Link doesn't take the shortest route possible on the track, he is probably going to be defeated. Another annoyance is that if Link is hit once by a Goron, then he will begin to flash red, and if he is hit again, his boost will be negated and he will be knocked on the ground. Link can use this on other Gorons, but it can be difficult to master.