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There are a few gloves that Link can wear throughout all the games, some which can help Link get through temples and areas.

Regular Glove

When Link has his classic green outfit, the green tunic and green elf-like hat, the outfit often includes brown gloves. These are plain gloves or gauntlets with no special powers.


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Mole Mitts

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Mogma Gloves

The Digging Mitts only appear in Skyward Sword these help Link dig soft soils and he can earn things such as green, blue and red rupees, treasure (usually Eldin Ore and recovery hearts.

The improved Mogma Mitts also only appear in Skyward Sword, Link gets them from Silva in the Fire Sanctuary. These gloves help Link to dig soft soil and go underground to find to other parts of the dungeon and to move gates from beneath the earth.