Gerudo Desert (Cadence of Hyrule)

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Gerudo Desert is an isolated region of Hyrule and Future World in Cadence of Hyrule that can only be accessed through Gerudo Village. It is made up of four screens in a square arrangement (or two side-by-side in the Future World), and is where the heroes find the Gerudo Ruins.


In the past, Gerudo Desert is home to a diverse population of enemies. It also has four caves, three containing Gears and the fourth being one of Cadence's caves, and one of the four dungeons scattered throughout Hyrule: the Gerudo Ruins. The Gerudo Desert also has a Piece of Heart in the northern region.


In the future, Gerudo Desert is half its original size. It still contains the Gerudo Ruins, but the dungeon is now a single-floor crypt housing the Goron Mask. The desert has devolved to mostly being Bottomless Pits, and Moas are the only enemies present. Moving platforms bridge the islands together.


  • Gerudo Desert and Death Mountain are the only dungeon regions in both Hyrule and the Future World. However, of the two, only Death Mountain has an actual dungeon in the Future World.
  • Gerudo Desert and Death Mountain have limited locations they can appear in world generation. Gerudo Desert always appears in one of the four corners of the world.