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Garill is a character found in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Garill can be found walking around and admiring Fort Hateno.[1] He is well versed in the history surrounding Fort Hateno and he will yell at Link if he doesn't show interest in learning about it.[2]

Garill speaks of a story about a warrior who let an army to defend Fort Hateno against the Guardians that attacked.[3] He states that nobody truly knows what happened to the warrior, as some thought he gave his life that day, but others felt thought he went into a deep sleep to prepare to fight another day.[4] Garill is of course speaking of Link, who lost his life during the battle at Fort Hateno and was then taken to the Shrine of Resurrection.

Garill explains that the battle of Fort Hateno was the last line of defense and had the soldiers lost, Hateno Village would no longer exist. He is moved by the sight of all the fallen Guardian's that lie in front of Fort Hateno.[5][6]

Garill is so passionate about the story of Fort Hateno, that he feels it is his duty to pass on this knowledge to future generations, so they know the story of the warrior and the sacrifice that was made 100 years ago.[7] Garill often fantasizes as to what he would have done had he been around during the Great Calamity. He likes to think that he would have fought right alongside the warrior.[8]

Garill is around Fort Hateno day and night and will change his cycle every six hours. From 10pm until 6am each morning, Garill can be seen sitting under a tree by the small fire on the east side of the fort and will fall asleep when Link is not nearby. He goes to sleep, saying a prayer for the warrior and his troops that fought so valiantly.[9] At 6am he will get up and walk to the west side of the Fort, admiring it from this viewpoint. After 2pm, Garill will walk back and stand at the east side of the forst, where he'll remain until 10pm, before then heading back to the small campfire. Garill will keep this schedule, even it starts raining. Although when it does rain, he states that his life is only possible because of those that fought before. This thought brings a tear to his eye, although it could just be the rain.[10]


  1. Hiya! My name's Garill. Come to see Fort Hateno, I take it? - Garill
  2. You come up to talk to me and then give me the brush-off? What gives? Listen, Fort Hateno here was the last line of defense between Hateno Village and the tragedy all those years ago. You're a Hylian-you ought to know these things! Have some respect! Learn some history! - Garill
  3. Do you know the story of the warrior who fought here at Fort Hateno? - Garill
  4. So 100 years ago, we had these special warriors called Champions. The warrior who fought here was supposedly one of them. I heard the others all died in the big fight. The warrior, though... Some say he gave his life here too. But others think he went into a deep sleep to prepare to fight another day. Which would mean he's still alive, right? I wonder if I'll still be around when he wakes up. I'd love to meet the guy. - Garill
  5. Almost hard to believe they managed to hold back a whole horde of Guardians here. If not for Fort Hateno and the warrior, there'd be no such place as Hateno Village anymore. - Garill
  6. The more I see of this place, the more it hits me just how hard the old tragedy struck here. But even knowing that, seeing so many Guardians... It boggles the mind. That warrior must have been some threat to the forces of darkness, huh? - Garill
  7. The warrior and his soldiers at Fort Hateno risked their lives to protect the world. I wasn't there at the time, but I'm alive now because of them, and I've got to make sure future generations know it! - Garill
  8. If I'd been alive 100 years ago...I like to think I'd have fought these Guardians here, right at the warrior's side. - Garill
  9. I'd love to keep jawing with you about Fort Hateno and the warrior-don't get me wrong. But I'm observing a moment of silence for the warrior and his troops who fought to the last against the Guardians. We can pick it up again in the morning. - Garill
  10. I used to think the old tragedy was ancient history. Nothing to do with my life. But when I stop to consider that my life is only possible because of those who fought tooth and nail for us... Well, I start to feel a tear in my eye. Although that could also just be the rain. - Garill