Ganon's Puppet Zelda First 4 Figures Statue

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Ganon's Puppet Zelda First 4 Figures Statue




Release Date

Q3 2016




Alejandro Pereira (Lead Artist)
Goran Sadojevich





1250 Worldwide


  • Ganon's Puppet Zelda was first announced in December 2015, before eventually being released in Q3 of 2016.
  • This was the tenth Zelda statue released by First 4 Figures in the Twilight Princess line.
  • A similar version of the statue was previously released for the base Princess Zelda.

Press Description

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess 1/4 Scale “Master Arts” Ganon's Puppet Zelda Center Piece.

“Both of you faithless fools who would dare to take up arms against the king of light and shadow… So you choose. And so you shall feel my wrath! ~Ganondorf

Upon entering Hyrule Castle’s great throne room, Link and Midna are shocked to discover Ganondorf upon the great throne, and Princess Zelda gripped in a horrific curse. Enraged at the pair’s defiance, The King of all Evil sends the spellbound princess forth to do battle. Now nothing more than a puppet for the dark king, Link faces the difficult challenge of defeating, and freeing the princess from the hex controlling her.

First 4 Figures is hugely proud to present Ganon's Puppet Zelda , the sixth in the “Master Arts” line of Twilight Princess Center Pieces.

Princess Zelda is clothed in the dress that is synonymous with her Twilight Princess appearance. At ¼ scale, she stands an impressive 15 inches tall, including the base that she stands upon. Cast in high quality polystone and painted by hand.

Ganon Puppet's Zelda comes in deluxe full color packaging, hand numbered base, and includes an Authenticity Card which allows you to purchase the same number of the model next in the 1/4 Scale “Master Arts” Twilight Princess Center Pieces range.

Edition Size - 1250 pieces worldwide.

Low numbers will be given on a first come first served basis.[1]