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Gagaim is a character found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Gagaim is part of the Zonai Survey Team and can be seen alongside his boss, Grunyon, just north of Lookout Landing. The two are investigating the Crystal Refinery ruins that have fallen down from the sky. He comments that ruins are from the age of legends and how strange it is that they simply fell from the Sky.[1]

Gagaim comments that Purah has been looking into the fallen ruins. She figures that if she better understands the Upheaval, it will help her find a lead on Princess Zelda.[2][3]

Each morning, Gagaim returns to Lookout Landing and makes his way over to Mub's Shop to purchase ingredients for his breakfast.[4][5] He remains at the shop until 2pm, before then heading back outside the north gate of Lookout Landing. He is upset if Link stops to talk to him, as it slows him down and Gagaim really values punctuality.[6]

In the evening, Gagaim heads back inside the Lookout Landing and sits down by a table and chairs, near the Lookout Landing Well. He likes to keep his work and personal time seperate and will get annoyed if Link talks to him while he is off duty.[7] He mentions that if Link really wants to know more about Lookout Landing, he should speak with Scorpis at the center of the town.[8]

Gagaim mentions that the big research work is being done at Kakariko Village with the Ring Ruins. He mentions that the boss must be upset, hvaing to stay and research in the area, instead of being able to travel to Kakariko Village.[9]


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