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Fegran is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Fegran is a Gerudo who can be found patrolling near the main entrance of Gerudo Town. She serves as an entrance guide to visitors of Gerudo Town. With Divine Beast Vah Naboris making a fuss out in the Gerudo Desert, she's a bit surprised to see Link make his way into the town.[1] Fegran will mention that the town is run by Lady Riju, the young chief of the town. She recently became the chief after her mother had passed away. In addition to the presence of the Divine Beast, other troubles seem to be surrounding Riju.[2]

Fegran will also talk about Naboris, who can be seen stomping around in the Desert. She worries about what would happen if it were to approach the town. She wonders how the Divine Beast could have been a God to the Gerudo people 100 years ago and thinks that the story is too crazy.[3]

With all that is going on, Fegran sometimes thinks about just visiting The Noble Canteen, followed by a good night's sleep. She thinks that doing so might keep her spirits up.[4] Although Fegran never leaves the area, patrolling near the front of Gerudo Town, night and day.


  1. Sav'aaq! Even with the Divine Beast out there making a fuss, a little vai like you just strolls into town... You've done well to make it to Gerudo Town. The chief keeps saying that everything is going to be OK, but thinking about the Divine Beast makes me so uneasy... - Fegran
  2. This town is led by our fantastic chief, Lady Riju. She became chief after her mother, our old chief, passed away. Though young, Lady Riju was our old chief's only child, so naturally the duties of leading the Gerudo fell to her. There have been other troubles on top of the Divine Beast acting violently. I hear it has the chief and her advisors pretty worried... - Fegran
  3. You crossed the Gerudo Desert to get here, right? So you must have seen the giant walking around outside... It appeared suddenly a few weeks ago. It's a daunting sight. If you get too close to it, it'll lash out at you with lightning. I can't imagine what would happen if it came to town... The chief says that thing used to be a god who protected this area around 100 years ago... But that story sounds so crazy to believe, don't you think? I need to think on it... - Fegran
  4. Well... I'll just try to keep my spirits up. Maybe visit the canteen then get a good night's sleep... - Fegran