Shock Resistance

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Shock Resistance

Shock Resistance, also called Electricity Resistance, is a protective effect in Breath of the Wild which reduces damage taken from electricity.

Breath of the Wild

Shock Resistance helps to reduce injury from enemies which deal electric damage. Some Bokoblins and Lizalfos use Shock Arrows, but some enemies such as Electric Keese and Electric Lizalfos use electricity directly. Electric Wizzrobes and Thunder Wizzrobes can cause lightning storms, and the protection Shock Resistance gives from lightning is limited - the Thunder Helm's Lightning Proof effect, or the Unshockable Set Bonus of the Rubber Set is required to deal with that.

Level 3 shock resistance from meals or elixirs can effectively neutralize electric damage from attacks, but not from environmental lightning. This makes it one step below Unshockable, which does include it.


Meals & Elixirs

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Unlike Unshockable, Shock Resistance can be attained through meals and elixirs.

Many meals can provide Shock Resistance, typically involving Zapshrooms, Voltfruit, Voltfin Trout or Electric Safflina in their cooking. Level 3 Shock Resistance meals and elixirs cause Link to be immune to electric attacks, but not to environmental lightning.

The elixir which provides Shock Resistance is the Electro Elixir.

Age of Calamity

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