Drawing Commission

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Drawing Commission

The Drawing Commission is an unseen group of characters that are mentioned in Phantom Hourglass. After Link has gained access to the Northeast Quadrant, he can board the Traveler's Ship and help the Man of Smiles by defeating all the enemies on board. Link will be awarded the Hero's New Clothes, but at anytime later, he can return to this Traveler's Ship and help the Man of Smiles again. This time Link will be awarded a Prize Postcard.

Link can then deliver the Prize Postcard to any Postbox found on any of the various islands. Link will only get a reply after he saves and reboots his save file. After 12 am of the next calendar day, Link will get a letter in the mail from the Drawing Commission.

If Link loses the contest, the drawing commission will ramble on for a short while, and then award Link a consolation prize of a Ship Part.[1]

If Link wins the contest, the letter will congratulate Link, but no prize will be included.[2] The Postman will state his confusion upon the situation, and then fly off.[3]



  1. "Congratulations! You DIDN'T win the drawing! Too bad. Really! Don't get all upset over something so trivial! You lost. That's all. It's only a drawing. Not a big deal. I mean, what's a big deal REALLY? How about life? Big deal...or not? How about pestering you about big deals? Big deal...or not? Well, we've dragged this on far too long, haven't we? Thanks for entering. Enjoy this loser prize. -the Drawing Commission-", Phantom Hourglass.
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