Dodoh's Party Wheel (Side-Quest)

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Dodoh's Party Wheel (Side-Quest)



After repairing Scrapper




Dodoh's Party Wheel is a side-quest in Skyward Sword.


How Can Anyone Have Fun Now?

Once you have fixed Scrapper and reached the Isle of Songs, Fun Fun Island to the southwest is now open...! Or is it...? When you arrive, Dodoh can be found sulking in depression. He's lost his colorful party wheel and his game simply cannot be played without it. He explains that his wheel has fallen beneath the clouds. Is there no way to get it back? Once you've spoken with him, Fi will allow you to dowse for it.

The Party Wheel

Go to the Lanayru Province and drop down to "Desert Entrance". Go towards the mine cart to the south and blow up the rocks here. Hit the Timeshift Stone that was hiding in one of them, then climb the vines that appeared nearby. Grab onto the nearby handhold and take it to the far left. Follow this path to find the Party Wheel. Have Fi call Scrapper, then return to the Sky.

Clowns Are Happy For A Reason

Bring the party wheel back to Fun Fun Island and Dodoh will be so happy! He will reward you with five gratitude crystals. His mini-game is now officially open for business (which leads to a Piece of Heart).