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Dinolfos (Twilight Princess).png
A Dynalfos from Twilight Princess




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Ocarina of Time
1-2 Heart.png Sword Slash


Dinolfos, also known as Dynalfos, are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They are commonly found throughout the overworld and dungeons. Dinolfos appear to be well suited to fight and tend to be harder to defeat than their less armed counterpart, the Lizalfos. Upon sighting Link, this creature immediately runs up to him and begins its attack.

Ocarina of Time


Use your shield well and fight
with (Z) Targeting techniques!

Dinolfos are found sparingly throughout Ocarina of Time, appearing only in the Gerudo Training Ground and Ganon's Castle. They are vulnerable to both Link's sword and arrows. Deku Nuts also work very well against them, as they stun them for a short period of time. Unlike their Lizalfos counterparts, multiple Dinolfos can attack Link at one time, as opposed to taking turns.

Majora's Mask


What?! Don't you know about
the Dinofols? Use targeting
methods while defending. And
watch out for its fiery breath!

Dinolfos in Majora's Mask take the same appearance as the previous game, although they are given the ability to breathe fire. They are encountered more frequently than in Ocarina of Time as well as earlier in the game. They take only four hits to defeat with the Kokiri Sword. They attack by mostly using their flame breath, as well as mixing in some sword strikes. Deku Nuts and bombs can aid Link in these encounters to complement the sword. Later on, the Gilded Sword or Great Fairy's Sword make these enemies extremely easy to handle. One is found as a mini-boss in the Woodfall Temple, guarding the Hero's Bow. Two are found in the Snowhead Temple, three in the Secret Shrine, and one Inside the Moon.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Dynalfos are heavily armed and much more difficult to defeat. Not only do they attack with daggers, but they can turn around and attack with their tails. The Ball and Chain can be used to momentarily stun them, making them an easy target to Link's sword or being hit again with the Ball and Chain. Using the Mortal Draw sword technique right before they attack is also an effective way of defeating them. Dinolfos can be found in the Temple of Time, City in the Sky, Hyrule Castle, and Cave of Ordeals. Nine successful strikes with the Master Sword will dispatch them.