Desert of Mystery

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Desert of Mystery

The Desert of Mystery is a massive Desert located in the southwest corner of Hyrule in A Link to the Past.

The Desert landscape allows for several types of enemies to find their proper habitat. Link will encounter Geldman, sand creatures that make their living underneath the sand and will only come up to attack Link. Vultures also stand perched on top of Cacti in the desert, waiting for Link to draw near before they attack.


The Desert of Mystery covers the entire southwest portion of Hyrule within the Light World. It is only accessible from the east through the Great Swamp. Just to the north of the Desert lies Kakariko Village, but there is no direct route connecting the two regions.


There is a cave at the northeast corner of the Desert where Aginah can be found. He is a descendant of the Seven Sages and the brother of Sahasrahla. Link can place a bomb along the southern wall to reach a room containing a Piece of Heart.

At the southwest corner of the Desert there is a higher platform that is only accessible if Link plays the Flute and warps to this location. Link can use the Titan's Mitt to lift the heavy rock to find a Magical Warp Tile. This serves as an entrance to the Swamp of Evil, the corresponding location of the Desert in the Dark World. This warp tile is the only way to reach the Swamp of Evil and the dungeon located there, Misery Mire.

Right at the entrance to the Desert of Mystery there is a Tablet on a higher ledge. Link can only access this Tablet from the Dark World using the Magic Mirror. Link can use the Book of Mudora to read the tablet and will then hold up the Master Sword. Link acquires the Bombos Medallion and the Tablet will then be destroyed. This is the final of the Magic Medallions that Link can acquire and is also an optional item.

At the far northeast end of the Desert, there is a large rock on a higher cliff. Link can only access this location from the Dark World, using the Magic Mirror. Link can lift up this rock to find a hidden cave that contains a Piece of Heart.

Desert Palace

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The main attraction is the entrance to the Desert Palace, the location of the Pendant of Wisdom. Link needs to use the Book of Mudora to read the stone in front of the entrance. This causes Link to sing a tune, shifting the rocks in front of the Palace, and allowing Link to enter.

In the middle of the dungeon, Link will head back outside to the Desert of Mystery. It is here where he will have access to the higher cliff at the west end of the Desert where a Piece of Heart can be found.