Inner Palace Garden

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Inner Palace Garden




The Inner Palace Garden is a location within the Deku Palace found in Majora's Mask. From the entrance hallway of the Deku Palace, there are two gardens on each said and they make up the majority of the land area of the Deku Palace. Link must move past the guards without being spotted in order to reach the monkey being held captive for the Deku Princess's kidnapping.

The Inner Palace Gardens are patrolled by Deku Palace Guards who Link must walk passed without getting spotted. If a guard does see Link, they will blow their whistle and toss him out of the Deku Palace. At nighttime, it is easy to distinguish what the guards can see, as their vision is highlighted by a series of small dots.

One of the rooms in the Inner Palace Garden leads to the Bean Seller, while the other pathway leads to a Piece of Heart.