Dampé's Grave

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Dampé's Grave






Kakariko Windmill
Kakariko Village Graveyard

Dampé's Grave is the resting place of Dampé. It is situated in the southwest portion of the Kakariko Village Graveyard. Link is required to enter this grave to obtain the Hookshot in order to enter the Forest Temple. When Link enters Dampé's Grave, he finds himself standing on a platform with pillars. Dampé is seen with a lantern and waits for Link to follow him.[1] He leads Link through the many routes in the grave. When Link has followed Dampé to the end point, he will allow Link to open his Treasure Chest, which contains the Hookshot.[2] [3] When Link does this once again, Dampé will leave behind a Piece of Heart. Doing this subsequently, Link will gain 20 Rupees. Dampé's Grave also connects to the Kakariko Windmill, which Link can enter right after acquiring the Hookshot.



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