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Chilly is an effect that is applied to food and elixirs in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Chilly meals are created when Link cooks Cool Safflina, Hydromelon, Chillshroom and/or Chillfin Trout in a Cooking Pot as part of a meal (with no conflicting effects);. As can be seen in the table below, Chillshroom & Chillfin Trout make more powerful Chilly meals than the alternatives for the same number of items.

Similarly, a Chilly Elixir can be made by cooking Winterwing Butterfly and/or Cold Darner with Monster Parts.

Chilly meals & elixirs give Link temporary Heat Resistance, reducing or eliminating (depending on the strength) the damage he takes from being in a place such as Gerudo Desert in the daytime. It should not be confused with Flame Guard.

Effect Points

Effects in Breath of the Wild come in tiers. In making a Chilly meal, a number of hidden points determine how strong the effect is, and thus the level of Heat Resistance it gives Link:

Point Threshold Effect Tier

Effect points and durations of Chilly ingredients are shown in the table below. Note that other, otherwise-neutral ingredients (notably dragon parts) also increase durations - see Cooking in Breath of the Wild § Durations for the full table. Cooking under a Blood Moon, using a Star Fragment or dragon part also increases duration or effect strength, and there is a random chance of this happening any other time; while Monster Extract randomises both strength and duration of effect.

Items Points Time Added
Cool Safflina 1 2:30
Hydromelon 1 2:30
Chillshroom 2 2:30
Chillfin Trout 2 2:30

Tears of the Kingdom

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Chilly meals and Chilly Elixirs are generated as in Breath of the Wild.

Chilly Materials