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Calyban is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Calyban is a Gerudo who can be found sitting near the top of Gerudo Town, away from the rest of the population. She sits next to a seemingly endless supply of Hydromelons and is constantly eating them, before then tossing the peels into the stream. If Link approaches Calyban to talk, she will get upset with him, stating that she can't enjoy eating when Link is starting right at her and judging her.[1][2]

Calyban appears to be friends with Yaido, Sumati, and Pyra, the three women found at the lounge of The Noble Canteen. After Link has completed The Secret Club's Secret side quest, the three women will then begin to talk about Calyban. At first the women will be talking how they have not seen her in town.[3][4][5][6] Sumati realizes that Link is listening in on the conversation and then yells at him, telling him to go away.[7][8] Link can head next door and listen to their conversation through the window, at which point Yaido states that she thinks Calyban is the laziest person that she knows.[9][10][11] Pyra suggest that maybe she is on top of the wall of Gerudo Town, although Sumati then questions why she would be there.[12][13]

The Mystery Polluter

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  1. What's with you? How am I supposed to enjoy eating with you staring at me? Buzz off. - Calyban
  2. I mean it! I can't eat with your judgmental eyes on me! Go away! - Calyban
  3. I was just thinking... It's been a while since I saw Calyban around... - Yaido
  4. Now that you mention it, I don't think I've seen her in town lately either. - Sumati
  5. Me neither... - Pyra
  6. You don't think she's... - Yaido
  7. Wait a second! - Sumati
  8. You!! Did you really think we wouldn't see you standing there, listening to our conversation?! So rude! This is a private conversation! Go away! - Sumati
  9. So about Calyban... - Yaido
  10. Oh, yeah! I haven't seen her around at all lately... - Sumati
  11. I wonder where she's at... She's the laziest person I know, so she couldn't have gone all that far... - Yaido
  12. Maybe to the top of the wall or something? - Pyra
  13. What are you talking about? Why would she go up there? Don't be silly. - Sumati