C-c-cold Island

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C-c-cold Island


Natural Season



C-c-cold Island is a location that is mentioned in The Wind Waker and it is where Zunari is from. The island is never actually shown in the game and is only referenced in Zunari's Figurine. The island's cold climate is the reason that even during the warm days of summer on Windfall Island, Zunari is seen wearing a heavy coat.[1]

It is possible that C-c-cold Island is a reference to Ice Ring Isle due to the cold climate. C-c-cold Island is likely not the actual name of the island, but the multiple c's indicate that it is so cold, that it causes people to stutter when speaking.


  1. "The Shop Guru, Zunari Birthplace: A C-C-COLD Island Pet Phrase: "Dear me!" Even on the hottest day of summer, Zunari can be found in his shop, wearing the beloved hood that his mother made for him. He keeps a great treasure in his safe there. On a side note, he turns forty this year, and is now recruiting for a wife. [?]" — Zunari's Figurine, The Wind Waker.